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Namm mental health

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A recommendation from a friend is the most effective method of getting new people to give your music a chance, so give your new fans a reason to spread the…

Best gangster rap

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You have an idea, and it needs to be discussed publicly. What do you do? Start a podcast, obviously! I’m not here to tell you what to talk about but…

National endowment for the arts and humanities

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Firstly, the consensus among considerable and devoted fans of the group is that the Roland SH-101, Yamaha AN1x, and the Akai S1000 are the most likely hardware cornerstones of the…

Hungry for music

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Student-Artist: Storm Erlingson “Chameleonic, hypnotizing, and utterly irreplaceable, David Bowie was more than just a pop star. More underdog than diamond dog, he was an inspiration to millions: a hot tramp…