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Music therapy research grants

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When you make a duplicate or slight adjustment to a version of the track, you can then add that to the label, as Bricks_LessBass_04.04.19 or Bricks_Mix3a_04.04.19. This is just a guideline…

New rap songs 2019

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And now to debunk one of the most common misconceptions about drinking water. Did you know that it can take up to four hours for the water you’ve consumed to…

Up and coming rappers 2019

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+ Learning to record and mix at home? Check out Soundfly’s mentored online course Making Music in Logic Pro X today! Or, share your musical goals with us, and we’ll find a course suited…

Grants for black writers 2019

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Soundfly welcomes new voices each month to offer unique perspectives, shine a light on unexpected musical worlds, and help our readers find their sound. Most of us songwriters have no idea…