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Posts published in “Cali accelerator grant”

Pbr sound society beer

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To find bands that might be a good fit, look up venues in your area that have capacities of around 200+, see who the headliners have been in the past,…

Visual art grants

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We look at Ligeti’s famous composition in order to decide how much, or how little, the use of music’s foundational parameters really matter in composing. Most commonly seen in classical…

Cultural and historical endowment

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As we’re sure you’ve heard countless times over the last several years, the chances of making a living solely off of streaming income are slim to none. But does that…

Museums for america 2020

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Watch that video. Now watch it again. It’s like “Flight of the Bumblebee” being read as it falls through a paper shredder. Here’s Wikipedia’s explanation of that piece: Terrestrial radio…